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Appleton City R-II School District

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Title I Reading

Title One Reading

Definition of Title One Reading

What is Title One Reading?

Title One is a federally-funded, general education support program. The goal of Title One Reading is to provide extra reading help and instruction for struggling readers.
Title One instruction is specialized reading instruction that is provided through the cooperation of the classroom teacher and the Title One Reading teacher. This supplements classroom instruction.
Supplemental reading instruction with the Title One Reading teacher will be in small groups, three to five times weekly for approximately 20-30 minutes each session or 90 minutes per week.
Daily at-home reading is an integral part of the Title One Reading program. Parents should interact with their child while reading and discuss books that their children bring home.

Title One is a supplemental program.

This can be illustrated as some students needing an “extra snack of reading” during their day. We identify students in need of assistance and offer them extra instruction. The “main course” of reading is not enough instruction for these students.

Title One Goals

To diagnose and identify specific reading problems in each eligible student.

To supplement and support (not replace) the classroom reading instruction.

To foster an enjoyment of books and to encourage reading as a leisure activity.

To develop a positive attitude and self-confidence by providing reading success.

To formulate and implement plans that will improve students’ reading skills.

To help each student acquire the skills needed to function in the classroom.

To obtain parental support and involvement in our program.

To place more emphasis on Title One assistance at the primary level, as we believe more rapid results and a greater success rate will result from early intervention.

Student Identification Process

Children receiving Title One assistance are those students who, for a variety of reasons, have fallen behind their peers in reading. The purpose of Title I is to help them catch up to grade level and succeed in the classroom.

Any student in grades K-5 are eligible for the Title One program, with priority given to the youngest students. If reading problems are addressed when they first occur, children have a better chance to be successful in school.

The opportunity to be a part of a Title One program is determined for each child and based on several pieces of information used by the Title One teacher. Each student is tested in the fall to determine their reading level. Students are tested and monitored throughout the school year to measure progress.