Appleton City R-II School District
408 W. 4th Street
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Appleton City R-II School District

408 W. 4th Street
Appleton City, MO 64724

Title I

TITLE I  –“Helping Students to Succeed”

Title I is a federal program, directed by the state, with each school district encouraged to participate. Our goal is to give extra help to students struggling with their reading and mathematics. This support program is not for students who qualify for special education.

Appleton City R-II Elementary has a Schoolwide Title I Program which follows a 3-tier model of instruction which changes the way services are offered in the Title I program. In a Schoolwide Program, all elementary students are considered Title I students and all teachers are considered Title I teachers which means we will be working daily as a team to meet your child’s academic needs. Also, all students will directly benefit from the Title I Federal funds the district receives each year.

Each day all students will receive core reading instruction for 60-90 minutes and at least 60 minutes of daily core mathematics instruction with their regular classroom teacher. To enhance the core reading program, students in grades K-3 will be using the Pathways to Reading Program that involves small group instruction and provides an additional 20 minutes of reading service to all students based upon the level of instruction needed. Finally, K-3 students needing extra support  in reading will receive an additional 30 minutes of flexible Title I services.  These services may be offered 1) within the regular classroom or 2) by coming to the Title I resource room. Title I Math service will be offered as push-in or pull-out instruction. Student progress will be monitored regularly throughout the year and reported to parents as needed.  Be assured, your child will not miss other necessary classroom instruction, or any required activities!  Pull out-group instruction is carefully scheduled with the staff to avoid regular class instruction.  

Parent Involvement is a vital part of the Title I program and our Schoolwide Plan. Due to COVID-19, opportunities for involvement will look different much like last year.

  1. In lieu of the Annual Fall Title I Parent Meeting and Parent/Child Activity Nights, information regarding Title I will be posted on the school website . Information will also be available upon request by the Title I staff.  We will keep you informed of any changes.
  2. Parent/Child Activities for enhancing your child’s skills will be shared through the school newsletter. Activities will also be sent home periodically for you and your child to enjoy together and further practice their reading and math skills.
  3.  A Title I teacher may sit-in at your child’s Parent-Teacher Conference during the year.
  4. Additional resources are located in the Title I trailer containing materials and learning games and can be checked out by either parents or staff.

We feel strongly that your child will benefit from these personalized services. If you have additional questions, or concerns about Title I, please contact us at (660) 476-2161, ext. 4001 or 4002.                                           

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