Appleton City R-II School District
408 W. 4th Street
Appleton City, MO 64724

Appleton City R-II School District

408 W. 4th Street
Appleton City, MO 64724


ACT School Code: 260065

ACT 2021-2022 Test Dates (ACHS):

  • Sept. 11
  • Oct. 23
  • Dec. 11
  • Feb. 12
  • Apr. 2


Missouri National Guard

United States Army


Air National Guard

College Athletes:

NCAA Eligibility Center
NAIA Eligibility Center

Additional Resources:

Scholarship Essays:

Most scholarships will ask one or both of the following essay questions:

  • What are your future plans and goals?

  • Why do you believe you deserve this scholarship?

Students should prepare 500-word essays addressing each of the questions. It would also be helpful to keep a 250-word version of both essays, as some scholarships request shorter essays. It would also be acceptable to address both of the questions in a single essay.

Letters of Recommendation:

Many scholarships require applicants to attach one or more letters of recommendation. Students should request three letters of recommendation from teachers, youth group leaders, and professional members of the community. Ask the person writing the letter to avoid referring to a specific scholarship. Also ask for permission to copy the letter so that you can use it for numerous scholarships.


It is helpful to prepare a resume with the following sections:

  • Organizations/Activities

  • Awards & Recognition

  • Community Service

  • Work (paid and unpaid)

Use bullets and be thorough as you list items in each category. Most scholarship applications are going to ask about information from these categories; therefore, to save time, you can type “See Resume” on the scholarship application and then simply attach your resume.

2021-2022 Scholarship Bulletin

The Scholarship page is always being updated with current or new scholarship opportunities. Please visit this page regularly.

Monthly Scholarship Opportunities


Missouri Cattlemen’s Scholarship. $1,000. Applicants must be a current paid member of the Missouri Junior Cattlemen’s Association or their parent/guardian must be a member of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association.


National Honor Society Scholarship. Students must be a member of National Honor Society and must obtain login information from Mr. Stephan.

VFW Youth Scholarships​

Coca Cola Scholarship


Epsilon Sigma Alpha Scholarships. Wide variety of scholarships. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Missouri”.

Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship


Soil and Water Conservation Society. Show-Me Chapter Scholarship, $2,000.

Missouri Youth Pork Ambassador Program. $1,000.

Missouri Corn Scholarships totaling $7,500.

Hagan Scholarship  Up to $48,000 over four years.


Bates County 4-H, Jeffrey Laughlin Memorial,  and Pat Evans Memorial Scholarships. Students must be members of Bates County 4-H (Hudson Hustlers). Applications should be turned in to the University Extension office of the Bates County courthouse.

Evergy Community Scholarships. $2,000 per year (renewable for additional three years).  15 students awarded to Missouri and Kansas high school seniors.

Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA) Scholarships. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Missouri from the list of states to view scholarships.

National Eagle Scout Association. Various Scholarships.


AC Alumni Scholarship. $1,000. The AC Alumni will give 5 scholarships. For AC students only.

Missouri Bankers Foundation Scholarship. $1,000. Applicants must be planning to major in a field related to banking, such as accounting, or finance.

Charles E. Kruse Agricultural Scholarship. $1,000. Applicant’s parents must be Farm Bureau members and applicant must be planning to major in agriculture at a 4-year Missouri college or university.

Opal M. Huffman Memorial Scholarship. $2,500 first semester, renewable for $1,000 spring semester. Create an account, fill out a general scholarship application through the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, apply for eligible scholarships.

Masonic Lodge of Missouri Scholarship. $1,000. GPA, class rank, ACT, involvement in extracurricular activities, and financial need considered.

Hawthorn Bank Scholarship. $1,000. Students must be planning to pursue a degree in business or finance.

Chambers Memorial Scholarship. $1,000. Applicants must have a 3.0 or higher GPA. For Appleton City students only.


St. Clair County Cattlemen’s Scholarship. Three $2,000 scholarships awarded. Applicant must be a St. Clair county resident pursuing an AA, BS, or BA degree in agriculture or a related field. Financial need considered but not necessarily the determining factor.

Missouri Broadcasters Association Scholarship. Renewable. Amount varies.

AC Optimist Club Scholarship $250. Two scholarships awarded; one to a male and one to a female. For Appleton City High School students. Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA and must be taking at least 6 credit hours or equivalent. For Appleton City students only.

Appleton City Masonic Lodge Scholarship. $750. AC and Montrose students are the only seniors who are eligible to apply.

Appleton City Car Club Scholarship. $1000. Turn in applications to Coach Moore.

United Producers Scholarship, $1,000


Hazel Bolander Memorial Scholarship. Amount Varies. Three scholarships will be awarded to Appleton City High School seniors. Preference will be given to students planning to enter the fields of medicine, law, veterinary medicine, or nursing.


Karlene May Memorial Scholarship. $300. Applicant must plan to major in business or a related field of study. For Appleton City students only. Please see your counselor if you are interested in this scholarship.

Ruth Perrin Fues Memorial Scholarship. Four scholarships will be awarded, including a scholarship for vocational or community college and business.

Appleton City Teachers Scholarship. Applicants must be Appleton City High School students and planning to major in education.